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UnWrap 2.1 MB 2.1.53  Unwrap e-mail line-returns, trim leading characters Abstract
DIRlist 1.5 MB 3.1.63  Print files and directory lists with user descriptions Abstract
ColorPix 1.6 MB 2.1.19  List and print color and complement at the cursor Abstract
JoinLine 1.8 MB 2.1.33  Fix import text file records with unwanted line wraps Abstract
WebTable 1.5 MB 2.1.49  Extract tables from a web page Abstract
GIFlist 1.5 MB 3.1.49  Display a sorted list of image files in a directory Abstract

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WindowsUtilities provides Freeware PC utilities to enhance desktop operations:
fix cluttered email, print file and directory listing with documentation, show pixel color,
preprocess text data for spreadsheets and databases, and display image files.