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Construction Market Research
     Construction Aggregates Databook

U.S. Geological Survey
     2002 U.S. Construction Aggregates Data   Revised!
     2002-2003 Quarterly U.S. Construction Aggregates Data
        Includes Third Quarter 2003

Industry Overviews

State Information

National Aggregate Associations

State Associations

Industry-Related Information

Aggregate Companies


US Geological Survey:

2003 Directory of State Listings of Crushed Stone and Sand and Gravel Producers
Principal Aggregates Producers in the Conterminous United States, 2002

Construction Sand and Gravel
     Mineral Commodity Summary 2004
     Minerals Yearbook 2001
     Directory of Principal U.S. Construction Sand & Gravel Producers 2001

Crushed Stone
     Mineral Commodity Summary 2004
     Minerals Yearbook 2002   New!
     Directory of Principal U.S. Crushed Stone Producers 2001

Aggregates Industry Atlas of the United States CD-ROM

This Atlas was developed under a cooperative research and development agreement between the USGS and the National Stone, Sand & Gravel Association (NSSGA) and includes 2,695 crushed stone operations and 3,485 sand and gravel operations. Two databases can be searched using the powerful built-in LandView IV geographic information system (GIS) software included on the CD-ROM. Search results can be shown one record at a time, in tabular form for a group of records, or on maps produced by the LandView IV software. Any operation shown on the map can be easily identified by company name and operation name by simply pointing to its location. Maps and search results can be printed or exported to other software for use in reports and presentations. The CD-ROM can be ordered from the National Stone, Sand & Gravel Association's Online Store or by calling 703-525-8788.

National Atlas Online Maps

Aggregates from Natural and Recycled Sources

Fact Sheets by (State)

Natural Aggregates

Natural Aggregate - A Primer

Natural Aggregates - Foundation of America's Future

State Minerals Statistics and Information (Minerals Yearbook)

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Industry Overviews:

50 Fascinating Facts About Stone, Sand & Gravel (NSSGA)

Aggregate Handbook (NSSGA)

NSSGA's Information about Stone, Sand and Gravel (NSSGA)

NSSGA's "Insta-Guides"

Aggregates (UK Quarry Products Association)
     Kids Zone

Aggregate & Crushed Stone (VA DMR)

Aggregate Resources - A Global Perspective (Publication)

Aggregate Forum (Canada)

History of the Aggregates Industry (Martin Marietta Materials)

Poster: Aggregates - Nature's Building Blocks

Quarryology 101 (Pit & Quarry)

Rockology 101 (Rogers Group)

"The Rock" (Construction Monthly Article)

Understanding the Sand & Gravel Business (Govt. of Canada)

What Is Aggregate? (Lafarge)

About Lime (Graymont)

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State Information:


National Aggregates Associations:

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Industry-Related Information:

Pit & Quarry's Aggregate Producers Forum

Analysis of Agricultural Liming Materials

Ask A Geologist

HMA Pavement Mix Type Selection Guide

Building With Concrete

British Columbia Aggregate Project

Calculation of Quantities (North Carolina Dept. of Transportation)



Clearinghouse for Infrastructure: Highway Information - Aggregates

Concrete Basics (NRMCA)

CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2002 (March 19-23, 2002)

Construction Materials Reference Laboratories

Crushed Cement Concrete Substitution for Construction Aggregates

FHWA Infrastruction Program, Materials Group Aggregates Research

Geology Hotlist (Utah Geological Survey)

GeoNews - 1995 Cost of Transporting Crushed Stone

Hot Mix Asphalt for the Undergraduate

International Center for Aggregates Research (ICAR)

Lab Procedures - Coarse Aggregates
Lab Procedures - Fine Aggregates

Materials Used in Building 2,085-Sq Ft Single-Family Home

Mineralogy and Petrology Resources on the Web  (U. of Dayton Geology Dept.)

Nat'l Center for Asphalt Technology Publications

North American Quarry Show

Recycler's World - Aggregates (brick,block,stone,etc.)

Sand & Gravel Resources of Iowa

Special Topics - Aggregates (Northwestern University)

State of the Industry (Pit & Quarry)

Underground Limestone Mining

Value & Rank of Nonfuel Raw Material Production in the U.S. - 1997

Virtual Cement and Concrete Testing Laboratory


Natural Resources of Canada Index

Minerals and Metals Sector

Minerals and Mining Statistics Division

Canadian Minerals Yearbook

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Cast, Dimension, & Natural Stone Information

U.S. Geological Survey - Dimension Stone

Cast Stone Institute

International Stone Library  (InfoTile)

Marble Institute of America

Natural Stone Industry Information Source

Stone Industry Forum & Stone Database Services

Stone World

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