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What is WebTable? - WebTable extracts tables from a web page file. The resulting tables can be imported into a spreadsheet or database program.

Why use WebTable? - It can be difficult to transfer web table data into user data. Sometimes a single web page has many tables, which makes it even more difficult. The WebTable utility helps automate the transfer by translating a saved web page file into a set of text files that can be imported into a spreadsheet or database. Each web page table is translated into a separate file with an associated caption or cell(1,1) text for identification. The web table information is filtered and translated into printable text. WebTable can display the contents of each translated file for proper identification. WebTable automation improves the accuracy of information transfer and eliminates the tedious job of manual data transfer.

How do I use WebTable?

The location and size of the WebTable program can be adjusted by grabbing an edge and dragging the window to the new location and size. The options and environment are saved when WebTable exits.

Note, WebTable can be called from a command file with a filename (including path) as an argument. WebTable exits to the command processor after processing the file. ErrorLevel 2 is passed to the command processor if the file is not found.