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What is UnWrap? - UnWrap removes unwanted line-returns from e-mail and other documents. UnWrap also removes unwanted leading characters such as spaces, tabs, reply character, and other clutter from the document.

Why use UnWrap? - It can be difficult to read or insert an e-mail into another document because the source text is mangled with unwanted line-returns and prefix characters. Text captured from a terminal session and other sources can also be mangled. UnWrap helps to solve these problems by returning the text to unwrapped lines without prefix characters

How do I use UnWrap? - If you want to clean up e-mail text, first highlight the text within the e-mail program and Edit-Copy (or Ctrl-C) – this copies the selected text to the clipboard. Then start the UnWrap program with Start | Programs | UnWrap. As the program starts up, the top, or input, window of UnWrap is filled with the contents of the clipboard, i.e. the input text to be cleaned, which has been automatically copied from the clipboard. Using the existing options, UnWrap then processes the top (input) text to the bottom (output) text and to the clipboard. Alternatively, mangled text can also be input from a file by clicking the “Input File” button.

If the resulting output text can be improved further, try different options, then click the “UnWrap” button to translate the input window to the output window. When you Exit UnWrap, the output window is copied to the clipboard for transfer to another program, such as a word processor. Set the cursor to the desired location in the word processing document and Edit-Paste (or Ctrl-V) to paste in the resulting text. Alternatively, the output text can be written to a text file using the Output File button. If an output file has already been written, then the “Append” button is enabled, allowing the user to append additional output window text to the previous output file. The append technique can be used to translate text in sections and append the sections to a growing output file. The following options customize the UnWrap process.

The height of the output window changes as the height of the program window changes. The relative height of the Input window to the Output window can be adjusted by grabbing and sliding the bar between the two windows. The text in the input and output windows can be manually edited. The last output window is copied to the clipboard when UnWrap exits.

The location and size of the UnWrap program can be adjusted by grabbing an edge and dragging the window to the new location and size. The options and environment are saved when UnWrap exits.

Note, UnWrap ordinarily starts in the most recently used directory. However, if an UnWrap shortcut is put in the user "Send To" directory then UnWrap can be started with the right button on a text file Send To UnWrap.