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What is DIRlist? - DIRlist prints a list of files and subdirectories within a directory with optional user descriptions

Why use DIRlist? - To print a list of files in a directory. It can be difficult to identify the purpose and content of files with just the filename, especially when the file is old or shared by multiple users. DIRlist provides free text descriptions to supplement the file name for project documentation, instruction manuals, and general identification of directory contents

How do I use DIRlist? - Start DIRlist with: Start | Programs | DIRlist
Click the "Open Dir" button to browse to a directory. Files are initially displayed in file name order alphabetically. The display can be resorted by clicking on a column title. Select option boxes to include display of directories, file extensions, file sizes, file dates, and files with or without a description. The description of a file is entered by clicking on the cell "Description" of the file. You can change directories by clicking on a directory name which propagates the directory descriptions from the previous directory. The "Print" button prints the displayed files with the selected options. When you exit, DIRlist saves the file name sorted descriptions in the file "index.htm" of the directory of each directory accessed by DIRlist. The index set file name can be changed to support multiple descriptions in the same directory. The resulting index file can be displayed with a browser (e.g. Internet Explorer); that is, clicking on "index.htm" will launch a browser window displaying the file, description and selected options from the last time DIRlist was used in the directory. The DIRlist functions and options are described below.

The display columns are auto-sized for the expected view. However, the column widths can be resized by grabbing and moving the title borders. The full DIRlist window can be sized and positioned for the best display. User options and recently used directories are saved when DIRlist exits.

Note, DIRlist ordinarily starts in the most recently used directory. However, if a DIRlist shortcut is put in the user "Send To" directory then DIRlist can be started with the right button on a save set file Send To DIRlist.